GWT Javascript Exception in Hosted Mode: Result of expression 'doc.getBoxObjectFor' [undefined] is

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Anyone ever seen this exception? I'm running in hosted mode on GWT 1.6.4 on a mac. I'm using the AutoSuggest and it's throwing this exception trying to show the popup. It works fine in compiled mode, but obviously hosted mode is rather important.

[ERROR] Uncaught exception escaped (TypeError): Result of expression 'doc.getBoxObjectFor' [undefined] is not a function. line: 71 sourceId: 1152617088 sourceURL: jar:file:/Users/holmes/.m2/repository/com/google/gwt/gwt-user/1.6.4/gwt-user-1.6.4.jar!/com/google/gwt/dom/client/ expressionBeginOffset: 288 expressionCaretOffset: 307 expressionEndOffset: 313 at Method) at at$.getAbsoluteLeft$( at at at at$5( at$1.setPosition( at at at at$3( at$1.onSuggestionsReady( at at at at$6( at$1TextBoxEvents.onKeyUp( at at at$HandlerRegistry.fireEvent( at$HandlerRegistry.access$1( at at at at at at at at at

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