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Two pass blur shader using libgdx tile map renderer

Posted by Alexandre GUIDET on Game Development - Search for 'Game Development'

I am trying to apply the following technique: blur effect using two pass shader to my libgdx game using the OrthogonalTiledMapRenderer. The idea is to blur the background wich is also a tilemap but rendered with another camera with a different zoom applied. Here is a screen capture without effect: Using the OrthogonalTiledMapRenderer sprite batch like this: backgroundMapRenderer.getSpriteBatch()… >>> More

How to create sprites, programatically without using prefabs?

Posted by DemonSOCKET on Game Development - Search for 'Game Development'

I have different types of images for different sprites. and i am not certain that how much different sprites(images) i will have to show. So, i gotta create the sprites and apply textures programatically at runtime. Now, I defiantly can't use prefabs because it will restrict me with the number of different sprites i can use. and also, changing texture on one sprite prefab instance in game, will… >>> More

XNA: Camera's Rotation and Translation matrices seem to interfere with each other

Posted by Danjen on Game Development - Search for 'Game Development'

I've been following the guide here for how to create a custom 2D camera in XNA. It works great, I've implemented it before, but for some reason, the matrix math is throwing me off. public sealed class Camera2D { public Vector2 Origin { get; set; } public Vector2 Position { get; set; } public float Scale { get; set; } public float Rotation { get; set; } } It might be easier to… >>> More

Creating a top-down spaceship

Posted by Ali on Game Development - Search for 'Game Development'

I'm creating a top-down 2D space game in LIBGDX for android. When spaceship is going forward it will look like this: when it goes upward I want to change it's direction with a nice animation so it seems like a real spaceship. A between frame would be like this: I have rendered the spaceship in different Z axis degrees from ship0 to ship90. Calculating rotation on XY plane wouldn't be so hard… >>> More

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