Handling keyboard and mouse input (Win API)

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There is a number of ways to catch mouse or keyboard under Windows. So I tried some of them, but every of them has some advantages and drawbacks. I want to ask you: Which method do use?

I've tried these:

  1. WM_KEYDOWN/WM_KEYUP - Main disadvantage is that, I can't distinguish between left and right-handed keys like ALT, CONTROL or SHIFT.

  2. GetKeyboardState - This solves problem of first method, but there is new one. When I get that the Right-ALT key is pressed, I also get that the Left-Control key is down. This behaviour happens only when using localized keyboard layout (Czech - CS).

  3. WM_INPUT (Raw Input) - This method also doesn't distinguish left and right-handed keys (if I can remember) and for mouse movement sometimes generates message with zero delta values of mouse position.

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