My boss has a different idea of a website's UX [migrated]

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Let me explain the situation.

I started transforming a "old (.Net 2.0)" Application into a webapplication.

Problem here is, that no-one here is really acquainted with the UX of a website (Simple, efficient). Eventhough, i still have to regard that the website can be tailored to a customer needs through parameters (yeah, i know :s )

For example:

  • I wanted to have a layout similar to invoicemachine (= as simple as possible). --> He wants a Ribbon toolbar.

  • Going to a supplier gives the list of supplier --> He wants to display the "Create Supplier" screen where you can use the wildcards in a certain textbox, to search for a specific Supplier and then give the list of the suppliers. Also, i need 4 search/filter mechanisms:

    • people can search per field with wildmarks
    • can filter the suppliers
    • search a keyword through all the data of a supplier
    • filter the "list Suppliers" page by the first letter of the name.

LIST Suppliers

  • | A | D | Z
  • Adam Wrincle ADD |EDIT |Delete
  • Damzel InDistress ADD |EDIT |Delete
  • Zorro ADD |EDIT |Delete

I can't seem to get through to him, that the UX of a website needs to be differently than a Windows Application. If he wants to bring all the logic of the windows app into a website, why letting me build a website then? Stick to the old solution.

Am i mistaking so hard or how could i convince / show him that an online-solution is something different than the offline solution.

He already "saw" online solutions of other applications to get an idea, but if i suggest something he won't listen (if it's GUI / UX related, that is).

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