Open Source vs. Closed Source? Which one to choose? [closed]

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So far, I was always creating open-source applications (or didn't publish them at all) because it was free for me to create a new CodePlex project, and upload everything. Couple of days ago I started wandering what kind of apps should I make, closed or open source. I can see "cons" and "pros" in both such as the ones below:

Open Source:

  • Pro, free project hosting (CodePlex is excellent for .NET app updates. ClickOnce etc)
  • Pro, free help such as developers and designers
  • Con, people can get your source code and (sometimes) use some of your code in their apps and make money
  • Con, companies such as Microsoft, Twitter or Tumblr won't be looking forward in buying your project (like for example Twitter bought TweetDeck - TweetDeck being a closed source AIR application, of course)

Closed Source:

  • Pro, it's harder for people to copy your idea without the source code
  • Pro, you're more likely to get acquired/bought by companies
  • Con, no free hosting - you have to have a website to do so (not good for updates)
  • Con, no free help

What do you think? What do you think I should choose?

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