Computer / Software Engineering vs Other Engineering Disciplines [closed]

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Since this was a rather specific question, I have tried my best to present this question in a format which fits the style of this site. Please comment if it can be improved further.

I have to choose the Engineering discipline on 6th Nov.

My interest is in Robotics, hardware-level programming, Artificial Intelligence and back-end programming. I am currently working as a freelance developer using mainly PHP and occasionally working with GWT.I am somewhat familiar with C# and Python too. I am not super good at programming but I do like it.

I am thinking to choose Computer and Information Systems Engineering as this is what I love but all the eggheads of my city are going to Mechanical Engineering and when I ask one of them Why are you choosing this? They say It's my interest and for job and the money.

Basically I am confused between CIS and Mechanical Engineering, specifically the job market for both.

Since this is a programmers' site I think following questions will be relevant . I am asking this because I want to take advice from professionals in this field before diving too deep .

  1. Are you happy with your job / work and pay.
  2. Are you satisfied with the work environment and career growth
  3. Do you feel OK (or great?) about the near and/or distant future of your industry.
  4. Why should a person choose Computer if he has other choices i.e what this industry has to offer in particular which other fields of work don't
  5. This industry is subject to rapid changes and you have to learn continuously throughout your entire career. Does this learning and constant hard work pay off ?

In my country there is no hardware manufacturing. So most of CIS graduates (like Software Engineers) work in Software Houses. What is the scenario in your country. Is a degree titled 'Software' necessary or companies will take Computer Engineers too if they have relevant experience. I am asking this because I plan to move abroad for work.

This is going to be something which I'll do for the rest of my life so I am a bit confused about the right choice.

You can view the course outline for both programmes below.

Computer and Information Systems Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering

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