Running a program in background using command-line [duplicate]

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How do I run a program in the background of a shell, with the ability to close the shell while leaving the program running which should not disturb the window i am working on? Lets say my UI is having problems or for some reason, I need to boot up a program from the terminal window.

The program should not disturb my window in which i am working on but it should be opened from the command line and i should be able to get access to it using the normal shortcut ALT+TAB.

Even the command line should exit after running the command

I tried this ....

"gedit file-name & exit"

this is working fine but the gedit file is opening in the foreground

(let i be working on some application like mozilla. After running the command ..... gedit file is coming upwards and i have to flip to mozilla again but the command should just open the gedit file not shifting to gedit application from the mozilla window)

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