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So... here's my story:

I'm trying to create a SQL server data extension (to be precise, I'm trying to get some sample code to run) (SSRS2005).

I've done the following:

  1. Placed the extension assembly into the ReportServer/bin folder.
  2. Placed the assembly into the Private Assemblies folder.
  3. Modified rsreportserver.config in, and added the assembly info to the data section.
  4. Modified rssrvpolicy.config, and added a code group for the assembly with Full Trust.
  5. Modified RSReportDesigner.config in PrivateAssemblies. Added the assembly to the data and the designer sections, specifying the generic query designer.
  6. Modified RSPreviewPolicy.config. Added the assembly with Full Trust.

The new Data Source type is available for selection, but when I try to view the dataset I get this error: The data extension DataSet could not be loaded. Check the configuration file RSReportDesigner.config.

The location of the assembly is configured properly (I think), because I've added logging code and I can see that the constructor of the Connection object is being called.

In fact, I've added logging code to every method of every class in the assembly, and as far as I can tell the failure occurs right after the connection object's constructor is called.

Any ideas on how I might proceed to debug this?

Thanks alot!

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