Error launching application after ClickOnce deployment - "An application for this deployment is alre

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As part of my continuous integration build the application is deployed as a ClickOnce application. This works great the first time, but when I try the launch the app after an update has been deployed I get the following error.

An application for this deployment is already installed with a different application identity.

If I run mage.exe -cc to clear the application cache for all ClickOnce apps then I can launch the application just fine.

Has anyone run into this before? How can I fix this?

Here are the steps in my build script that publish the ClickOnce application.

    -New Application
    -Processor msil
    -ToFile "C:\temp\build\RoadrunnerTrap.exe.manifest"
    -Name "Roadrunner Trap"
    -FromDirectory "C:\temp\build"

# artifacts from C:\temp\build\ are copied to \\server\publish\v1.0.0.1\

    -New Deployment
    -Processor msil
    -Install false
    -Publisher "Acme, Inc."
    -ProviderUrl "\\server\publish\RoadrunnerTrap.application"
    -Name "Roadrunner Trap"
    -AppManifest "\\server\publish\v1.0.0.1\RoadrunnerTrap.exe.manifest"
    -ToFile "\\server\publish\RoadrunnerTrap.application"

Note that the version number does change with every deployment.

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