Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer 2010 codename “Eaglestone”

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Published on Thu, 11 Mar 2010 11:44:17 GMT Indexed on 2010/03/11 17:20 UTC
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Microsoft has released the beta release of Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer 2010 codename “Eaglestone”, the Eclipse plugin and cross-platform command line assets that were acquired from Teamprise back in November. You can download the bits here, and participate in the associated Microsoft Connect community here. project_collections_macwit_linking


Changes done in this release :

  1. All of the architectural changes in TFS 2010 has been reacted, which primarily shows up in our support for Team Project Collections but it also means that the Eclipse plug-in supports all the configurations for project portal and reporting services that are possible (including not having any configured at all)
  2. Added the enhanced work item linking and hierarchy capabilities.  You can now define typed links, query for work items based on links, and work with work item hierarchies.
  3. Added support for the new WF-based team build
  4. Have reacted to a lot of underlying changes in the source control version model with respect to how branching, merging, and renames happen. History now follows branches and merges. Branches are proper first class citizens in the source control explorer.

You can check a detailed post written  by bharry here Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer 2010 codename “Eaglestone”

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