Working with Subversion the same as with Visual Source Safe in Visual Studio

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Published on 2010-03-13T19:50:44Z Indexed on 2010/03/13 19:55 UTC
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At work I just started using subversion with ankhsvn instead of visual source safe. I managed to integrate it well enough but it doesn't seem the same. Using VSS the following would happen:

A user check out a file by right clicking and selecting "check out" or by editing it. If another user tried to modify the same file he would get an error. No 2 users could edit the same file at the same time. No fancy merging. No conflicts and no conflict resolutions.

I understand the the philosophy behind subversion is different but is there any way that this behavior described above could be duplicated with subversion?

There is an option in ankhSVN called "Automatically lock files on change..." but even if I activate this option when I edit a file it never gets automatically locked. Even if this option worked the other users wouldn't see the lock until they comited the file. They wouldn't get an error when they tried to edit it like they would in Visual Source Safe.

So basically: can Visual Source Safe's behavior be duplicated using Subversion and ankhSVN?

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