Issues with doing a P2V on Exchange 2007

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I shutdown all Exchange services on the physical box and did a convert. Everything converted fine. Server booted up no issues and I could receive email from the outside world with no issues. But I am unable to send emails internally or externally. They just sit in the Outbox.

I also disabled the DHCPClient service as I didn't want the server to get an IP address from DHCP when it first came online. It came online with no IP, then I used console to assign the correct static IP address (same one on the physical server) and rebooted.

I ran the Exchange Troubleshooting Agent and it gave me the following errors:

The value for the '\MSExchangeIS Mailbox\Messages Queued For Submission' counter on server exchange is greater than zero (average value is 8.8) and it appears that 'MSExchangeMailSubmission' is failing to submit messages to at least one computer with the Hub Transport server role installed over the last minute.

Found 1 computers with the Hub Transport server role installed in the same Active Directory site as server exchange using local Active Directory site GUID 'ce8a4367-1bf6-4825-9cac-c4e2b115c450'.

Check Local Active Directory Site Hub Transport Server Role Health (Mailflow_CheckLocalBhHealth1.

I have one Exchange server with all the roles on it.

Has anyone see this before when doing a convert? Please help :(

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