SQL Joining on a one-to-many relationship

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Ok, here was my original question;

Table one contains

1  Mary  
2  John  

Table two contains

1  Red  
1  Blue
2  Blue  
2  Green  
2  Black  

I want to end up with is

1  Mary Y   Y  
2  John     Y     Y     Y

It seems that because there are 11 unique values for color and 1000's upon 1000's of records in table one that there is no 'good' way to do this. So, two other questions.

Is there an efficient way to query to get this result? I can then create a crosstab in my application to get the desired result.

1  Mary  Red  
1  Mary  Blue  
2  John  Blue  
2  John  Green  
2  John  Black

If I wanted to limit the number of records returned how could I do a query to do something like this?

Where ((color='blue') AND (color<>'red' OR color<>'green'))

So using the above example I would then get back

1  Mary  Blue  
2  John  Blue  
2  John  Black

I connect to Visual FoxPro tables via ADODB to use SQL. Thanks!

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