SQL Server: Profiling statements inside a User-Defined Function

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Published on 2010-03-12T20:16:42Z Indexed on 2010/03/12 20:27 UTC
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I'm trying to use SQL Server Profiler (2005) to track down some application performance problems. One of the calls being made is to a table-valued user-defined function. This function wraps a select that joins several tables together.

In SQL Server Profiler, the call to the UDF is logged. However, the select that underlies the UDF isn't being logged at all. Because of this, I'm not getting useful data on which tables & indexes are being hit. I'd like to feed this info into the Database Tuning Advisor for some indexing advice.

Is there any way (short of unwrapping the queries themselves) to log the tables called by UDFs in Profiler?

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