.net web service: Can't add service reference, only web reference

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I have an existing project that consumes web services. One was added as a service reference, and the other as a web reference. I don't recall why one was added as a web reference, but perhaps it's because I couldn't get it to work!

The existing service reference for the one web service works fine, so it's not a .net version issue.

I can successfully create a service reference for the second web service, but none of the methods are available. The .wsdl shows the schema, but the Reference.vb shows only the Namespace, and none of the methods.

To clarify, these are two different 3rd party web service providers.

We'd like to move to the service reference so we have more control over the configuration as we're having various issues with timeouts.

Anyone come across this before?


Does it matter that there are two services at the address?

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