Associate mount points with local disks in VBscript / WMI

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I have a VBscript that outputs various config items about a system. Both hardware and software. I can output disks and their associated partitions. I can output mount points. I do not seem to be able to associate a mount point with a local disk (where it actually is a local disk).

I need to be able to do this using VBscript, so as to fit in with the rest of the ~2000 lines of code. I do NOT want to run some other program graphically. I know the disk manager service can show me (My Computer -> Manage -> Disk Management), but this is not what I need. I need to be able to do this remotely via VBscript.

I am open to running an .exe from the VBscript and piping the output back into VBscript and massaging it from there.

Any idea's ? Thanks in advance.

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