Error while installing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 on Windows 7

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Published on 2010-03-16T15:45:50Z Indexed on 2010/03/16 18:21 UTC
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I was trying to install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 on my Windows 7 pc. When I tried to install it, it tells me that I have a newer version installed on my pc. So, I checked that Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 installed some sql server 2008 tools for me.

I decided to uninstall SharePoint 2010(which I wasn't using) and then tried to install MS SQL Server 2005 again. This threw me the following exception:

Error 1603 installing microsoft sql server setup support files

Searching on Google I found this article: but it's not my case actually.

Any help will be appreciated. I really need this to continue working.

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