How do I select the max value from multiple tables in one column

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I would like to get the last date of records modified. Here is a sample simple SELECT:

 t01.last_upd date1,
 t02.last_upd date2,
 t03.last_upd date3,
 'maxof123' maxdate
  s_org_ext   t01,  
  s_org_ext_x   t02,   
  s_addr_org   t03   
  t02.par_row_id(+)= t01.row_id and
  t03.row_id(+)= t01.pr_addr_id and
  t01.int_org_flg = 'n';

How can I get column maxdate to display the max of the three dates?

Note: no UNION or sub SELECT statements ;)

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