Silverlight Cream for March 17, 2010 -- #814

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Published on Thu, 18 Mar 2010 04:31:44 GMT Indexed on 2010/03/18 5:51 UTC
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In this Issue: Tim Heuer(-2-), René Schulte(-2-), Bart Czernicki, Mark Monster, Pencho Popadiyn, Alex Golesh, Phil Middlemiss, and Yochay Kiriaty.


Check out the new themes, and Tim Heuer's poetry skills: SNEAK PEEK: New Silverlight application themes

I learned to program Windows 3.1 from reading Charles Petzold's book, and here we are again: Free ebook: Programming Windows Phone 7 Series (DRAFT Preview)

Here's a blog you're going to want to watch, and first up on the blog tonight is links to the complete set of MIX10 phone sessions: The Windows Phone Developer Blog

First let me get a couple of things out of my system... "Holy Crap it's March 17th already" and "Holy Crap, we're all Windows Phone Developers!" I'm sure both of those were old news to anyone that's not been in a coma since Monday, but I've been a tad busy here at #MIX10. I'm not complainin' ... I'm just sayin'

Getting Started with Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 Development
With any new Silverlight technology we have to begin with Tim Heuer... and this is Tim's announcement of Silverlight on the Windows Phone 7 Series ('cmon, can I call it a "Silverlight Phone"? ... please?) ... hope I didn't type that out loud :) ... so... in case you fell asleep Sunday, and just woke up, Tim let the dogs out on this and we could all talk about it. In all seriousness, bookmark this page... lots of good links.
A guide to what has changed in the Silverlight 4 RC
Continuing the 'bookmark this page' thought... Tim Heuer also has one up on what the heck is all in the Silverlight 4 RC they released on Monday... check this out... really good stuff in there... and a great post detailing it all.
The Silverlight 4 Release Candidate
René Schulte has a good post up detailing the new stuff in Silverlight 4 RC, with special attention paid to the webcam/mic and AsyncCaptureImage
Let it ring - WriteableBitmapEx for Windows Phone
René Schulte has a Windows Phone post up as well, introducing the WriteableBitmapEx library for Windows Phone... how cool is that??
Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 is NOT the same full Silverlight 3 RTM
Bart Czernicki dug into the docs to expose some of the differences between Silverlight for the Windows Phone and Silverlight 3. If you've been developing in SL3 and want to also do Phone, check out this post and his resource listings.
Trying to sketch a Windows Phone 7 application
Mark Monster tried to SketchFlow a Windows Phone app and hit some problems... if anyone has thoughts, contribute on his blog page.
Using Reactive Extensions in Silverlight – part 2 – Web Services
Pencho Popadiyn has part 2 of his tutorial on Rx, and this one is concentrating on asynchronous service calls.
Silverlight 4 Quick Tip: Out-Of-Browser Improvements
This post from Alex Golesh is a little weird since he was sitting next to me in a session at MIX10 when he submitted it :) ... good update on what's new in OOB in the RC
Turning a round button into a rounded panel
I like Phil Middlemiss' other title for this post: "A Scalable Orb Panel-Button-Thingy" ... this is a very cool resizing button that works amazingly similar to the resizable skinned dialogs I did in Win32!... very cool, Phil!
Go Get It – The Windows Phone Developer Training Kit
Did you know there was a Windows Phone Training Kit with Hands-on Labs? Yochay Kiriaty at the Windows Phone Developer Blog wrote about it... I pulled it down, and it looks really good!

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