Performance of Silverlight Datagrid in Silverlight 3 vs Silverlight 4 on a mac

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I'm using Silverlight Beta 4 for a LOB application.

After finding out today that I'll have to wait perhaps 4 months to be able to develop with SL4 on Visual Studio 2010 I'm thinking I need to downgrade my application to SL3 but thats another question.

The problem is I'm noticing absolutely abismal performance for simple datagrids that work just fine on a PC when I'm running on a Mac. These grids contain only 5-10 columns and maybe 50 rows. Paging up and down takes about 1-2 seconds sometimes.

I would appreciate anybody's experience in which of the following is the best solution:

  • reverting to Silverlight 3 and hoping DataGrid is faster
  • switching to 3rd party datagrid such as Telerik
  • forgetting silverlight altogether

I was hoping that possibly SL4 runtime might be updated but that won't happen probably for 3-4 months.

Just a reminder - this is specifically a mac issue. Performance on my PC while slightly slow to populate the grid initially is fine.

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