Coding Competition, language agnostic guidelines?

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Hi there:

I might be doing a coding competition soon, I was wondering if anyone made one and what where the guidelines/ process. I'd like to make the competition appealing to all devs, and I m trying to come up with ideas as to how.
the scenario is: There is an event running and we(of the coding competition) will have a room that we can use (either to code or for questions, etc), however, ideally the task for the competition should be assignet and they should eb able to go and do other things, if they are so inclined. what i wonder is what kind of challenges to give, and most importantly, what is the criteria to "win" teaching and learning good coding standards takes a looong time, and I d like to think that if you ve been coding for longer you ll do things right and quick... but in a competition, you would be cutting corners... I would really appreciate your input on this

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