Network wide rule to forwared IP address

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Published on 2010-03-22T09:42:25Z Indexed on 2010/03/22 9:51 UTC
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we have a virtual machine which hosts a web based bug tracker in our network which is reached internally via e.g. From the outside we made a port forwarding in our firewall so that the web site can be reached via e.g.

Now that works fine but the problem is that we got different IP addresses to reach the same service depending if we are in the office or at home and when the service sends out an email the link doesn't always work :)

So we are looking for a solution to fix it.

One could be to make a rule in out firewall that all communication to is forwarded to If that's possible that is considering it's an IP address + a port. The reason we used a port is because we only got one static public IP address but multiple virtual web appliances.

Thanks for any suggestions or solutions :)


PS: The network is a Win 2008 R2 domain by the way

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