How to push UIViewController into UINavigationController from seperate UIView of different UIViewCon

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I have a UIViewController(AbcViewController) with NavigationController.AbcViewController uses UIView(AbcView) as its view. AbcView has a UITableView. I have set This TableView's datasource in AbcViewController and delegate in its SuperView i.e. AbcView. How will I push another UIViewController(XyzViewcontroller) into navigationController when I select a row in this table because it gives "error: request for member 'navigationController' in something not a structure or union" when I do this : [self.navigationController pushViewController:xyzViewcontroller animated:TRUE];

I also did this : AbcViewController *parentVC; [parentVC.navigationController pushViewController:xyzViewcontroller animated:TRUE]; Though it builds successfully but XyzViewcontroller's view does not appear. It does not push XyzViewcontroller's view into navigationController.

Thanks For Any Help.

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