What are some good/reputable/widely-used libraries written in VB.NET?

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Generally speaking, when VB.NET and C# are compared, there is a lot of strong support for C#, accompanied by some bashing of VB.NET until a respected developer comes along and acts as The Voice Of Reason, pointing out that while VB prior to VB.NET had its fair share of issues, VB.NET is really a very strong, fully OOP language that is, feature-wise, right about on par with C# (with the exception of certain things like a full-bodied lamba syntax [pre-VB10] or the yield keyword, as many C# faithfuls are quick to point out).

I myself, having written plenty of code in both VB.NET and C#, fall squarely in the "I prefer C#, but don't consider VB.NET any less of a language" camp. However, one thing I have noticed is that when it comes to respected and/or widely-used libraries for .NET, everyting is written in C#. Or at least that's been my impression. This strikes me as a little strange because, aside from the abovementioned sprinkling of nice features (in particular the yield keyword), I tend to view the VB.NET/C# divide as primarily a matter of personal taste. Obviously, plenty of developers prefer C#. But I personally know some developers (good ones) who prefer VB.NET, which would lead me to suspect that surely some libraries (good ones) would be written in VB.NET.

They must be out there, and I just haven't found them. What are some good libraries that've been written in VB.NET? The best would be open source, as that would allow interested developers to take a look at some good VB.NET code and see how effective the language can be when used properly. But I'd be interested to know about any libraries at all, particularly reputable ones.

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