ABAddressBook: trouble getting Identifier from MultiValueRef Index

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Published on 2010-03-25T23:11:31Z Indexed on 2010/03/25 23:13 UTC
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Every time the following line gets executed emailID is set to 0... yet it clearly should be 1 (or whatever is the Identifier for the value at index 1).

ABMultiValueIdentifier emailID = ABMultiValueGetIdentifierAtIndex(emailMultiRef, selectedEmailIndex);

CFIndex selectedEmailIndex has a value of: 1

ABMultiValueRef emailMultiRef has a value of:

0: _$!<Work>!$_ (0x4847e90) - [email protected] (0x4847eb0)
1: _$!<Work>!$_ (0x4847660) - www.creative-consulting-inc.com (0x4847810)

Anyone see what's happening within this convoluted address book?!?

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