TDD - How to start really thinking TDD?

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I have been reading about Agile, XP methodologies and TDDs.

I have been in projects which states it needs to do TDD, but most of the tests are somehow integration tests or during the course of project TDD is forgotten in effort to finish codes faster.

So, as far as my case goes, I have written unit tests, but I find myself going to start writing code first instead of writing a test. I feel there's a thought / design / paradigm change which is actually huge. So, though one really believes in TDD, you actually end up going back old style because of time pressure / project deliverables.

I have few classes where I have pure unit tested code, but I can't seem to continue with the process, when mocks come into picture. Also, I see at times : "isn't it too trivial to write a test for it" syndrome.

How do you guys think I should handle this?

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