C# - Layout problem on Windows XP professional

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I am developing a C# application with .NET Framework 2.0.

The problem is, that on my client's PC, the controls get expanded, layout changes (positions of the controls gets changed), sometimes buttons get missed entirely. It happens even on Forms with 2-3 TextBoxes, 2-3 Buttons and some Labels. I tried a lot of investigations. I tried to show a message in the form's resize event. But it doesn't get called. After digging a bit more, it seemed that in Designer.cs file even though ResumeLayout (false) is being called for the form, but this causes the the expansion/disposition of the controls.

My Client is using Windows XP professional on his Dell laptop. He is able to reproduce the issue on other laptops with Windows XP professional. But not in other OSes (like Windows XP Home or Windows Vista). In my desktop with Windows XP professional, it is not reproducible.

How can this issue be resolved?

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