NSMutableURLRequest wont try to use 3G when 3G is not 'connected' in Reachability enumeration

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Published on 2010-03-28T07:17:02Z Indexed on 2010/03/28 7:53 UTC
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I won't bother posting any code because my code works fine when I launch Safari or something that turns on the 3G connection first.

When I put it Airport mode, then put back OFF, I will get the behavior of a connection error saying No internet connection with NSMutableURLRequest. I've personally mailed apple about how the Ant gets turned on and off, and they said anything that uses their base CFSocketStream object will turn on the Ant, and I quote: "such as NSURLRequest".. BSD Sockets do not, just so everyone knows.. However, I assumed NSMutableURLRequest would fall into the category of 'Does', but it seems like it doesnt. It never succeeds for me when I cycle Airport or have the phone idle for a long time. It will ALWAYS succeed when I open any other network app first to turn the Ant on.

Shall I be forced to do a dummy NSURLRequest call to turn this on; or has anyone been able to get this class working just fine? Remember this is just an implementation of NSMutableURLRequest to upload a file Async, and no other Network operations are performed anywhere; no ads, no version checks, no nothing.

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