Is there any killer application for Ontology/semantics/OWL/RDF yet?

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Hi Guys,

I got interested in semantic technologies after reading a lot of books, blogs and articles on the net saying that it would make data machine-understandable, allow intelligent agents make great reasoning, automated & dynamic service composition etc..

I am still reading the same stuff from 2 years. The number of articles/blogs/semantic-conferences have increased considerably. But I am still unable to see any killer-application. Why is it so? Or is there some application/product (commercial/open-source) already existing, which actually is doing all that being boasted of?

To put it more precisely, is there any product that leverages semantic technologies (esp RDF/OWL/SPARQL) and is delivering functionality/performance/maintainability, which would not have been possible with the existing (no-semantic) technologies? Some product that is completely dependent on semantic technologies and really adds value to the customers and generating revenues?

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