Complex reporting on subversion (possibly Export Subversion log into database for reporting)

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What is the best way to do complex reporting on subversion logs like the following for each file? file, directory, last revision date, previous revision date(where revision date is at least 30 older than last), days diff(between revision dates)

Since Subversion allows on revision to change multiple files I assume svn log needs to be run against each file individually.

Ideas (that don't seem very good):

Shell scripting to produce a csv file to be imported to a DB. The following is a start but doesn't show the filename: find . -name "." -print | xargs -l svn log -l 2

Shell scripting to produce XML and then use XSLT to create CSV to import to a DB. It might use a similar command to above but would still have some of the same limitation.

Write a program to just parse the log on the whole directory tree, make one insert to DB per revision/file combination, and then query the DB.

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