Objective C - when should "typedef" precede "enum", and when should an enum be named?

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In sample code, I have seen this:

typedef enum Ename { Bob, Mary, John} EmployeeName;

and this:

typedef enum {Bob, Mary, John} EmployeeName;

and this:

typedef enum {Bob, Mary, John};

but what compiled successfully for me was this:

enum {Bob, Mary, John};

I put that line in a .h file above the @interface line, and then when I #import that .h file into a different class's .m file, methods there can see the enum.

So, when are the other variants needed?

If I could name the enum something like EmployeeNames, and then, when I type "EmployeeNames" followed by a ".", it would be nice if a list pops up showing what the enum choices are.

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