System.Overflow Exception - int32 is too large or small

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Published on 2010-04-02T14:40:44Z Indexed on 2010/04/02 14:43 UTC
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I need a little advice.

I've got windows service that runs at night. In my development environment, it runs without exception, but when I running it "installed on other machines", when I come in the morning, I'm welcomed with a System.Overflow exception that says that I've set an int32 to value that is too large or small.

I've carefully combed the service's c# code, and I have try/catch statements around everything, that should catch any error and write it to a log without completely stopping my service with this overflow exception. But still, it occurs and stops the service.

I'd appreciate any conceptual advice on how to pin point what's causing an error such as this.

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