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Published on 2010-04-08T12:02:33Z Indexed on 2010/04/08 12:03 UTC
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I have recently created a myopenid to log into stack overflow. This login works on stackoverflow.com but NOT on meta.stackoverflow.com. Why is this? This seems like it is a problem on (meta)stackoverflow's side rather than myopenid's side.

When I attempt to login to meta.stackoverflow.com using myopenid login, I end up being redirected to a blank page with a very long query string. The url of the blank page is


Secondly, my google login does not work. When I attempt to login to stackoverflow.com using my google login I end up seeing a blank page with a url beginning with


I am using Firefox 3.6.3 and I can successfully login to stackoverflow.com using myopenid but NOT with myopenid onto meta.stackoverflow.com and NOT with google onto stackoverflow.com.

Please note that I would prefer to use my google login to login to stackoverflow. I only created myopenid account to get to the root of the problem.

Stackoverflow should seriously consider giving users the option of having stackoverflow specific credentials because for me and I am sure countless others this openid thing don't work.

(I know this should be posted in meta.stackoverflow.com but this requires a working openid, which I do not have).

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