Does Java support dynamic method invocation?

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class A           { void F() { System.out.println("a"); }}
class B extends A { void F() { System.out.println("b"); }}

public class X {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        A objA = new B();

Here, F() is being invoked dynamically, isn't it?

This article says

... the Java bytecode doesn’t support dynamic method invocation. There are three supported invocations modes : invokestatic, invokespecial, invokeinterface or invokevirtual. These modes allows to call methods with known signature. We talk of strongly typed language. This allows to to make some checks directly at compile time.

On the other side, the dynamic languages use dynamic types. So we can call a method unknown at the compile time, but that’s completely impossible with the Java bytecode.

What am I missing?

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