Shared printer hosted by Windows 7 to XP peers [closed]

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A Canon Pixma ip4600 installed all by itself when connected to a Windows 7-64 bit machine. I then updated it with the add-on Canon provide to give additional functionality.

I then wish to share it with a box which is running Windows XP 32-bit. The XP box can see the printer but can't find a driver from the 7 machine, which is fine. I ask the 7 machine to get the x86 drivers, but it can't.

I install the 32-bit XP drivers on the XP machine, but unlike previous Canon drivers (which unzip to give an .inf file), they assume a local printer and partially give up. I find the .inf file in the Program files\CanonBJ\... directory.

Neither the XP machine, nor the 7 machine when the CanonBJ directory is shared to it, is happy with the .inf file.

I attempt to install the 32-bit drivers on the 64-bit 7 machine, which, understandably, fail.

Where do we go from here?

(I apologise for posting in the first-person, I'm not sure why this was)

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