GWT layout panels vs. CSS layout

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I read an article entitled "Tags First GWT", in which the writer suggests using GWT for event-handling, and CSS for layout. I just don't know whether the benefit of GWT's cross-browser compatibility goodness outweighs the flexibility offered by pure CSS layout.


GWT 2.0 has some snazzy layout panels, but to get them to resize properly you really need to build the entire panel containment tree from the root panel down. It's an all-or-nothing thing, it seems.


You can use CSS to layout an application too, and I'm inclined to do just that, if only to justify my purchase of several books touting the 'semantic markup' gospel. The downside might be cross-browser incompatibilities, the prevalence of which I have yet to determine.

Which way to go?

What is your opinion? Are cross-browser problems bad enough, and prevalent enough, to warrant ditching my CSS books, and building with GWT layout panels?

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