Microsoft TechEd 2010 - Day 3 @ Bangalore

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Microsoft TechEd 2010 - Day 3 @ Bangalore

Sorry for my delayed post on day 3 because I had to travel from Blore to Chennai So I couldnt write for the past two days.

On day 3 as usual we had lot of simultaneous tracks on various sessions.

This day I choose the Your Data, Our Platform Track.

It had sessions on the following 5 topics :


  1. Developing Data-tier Applications in Visual Studio 2010 - by Sanjay Nagamangalam
  2. SQL Server Query Optimization, Execution and Debugging Query Performance - by Vinod Kumar M
  3. SQL Server Utility - Its about more than 1 SQL Server - by Vinod Kumar Jagannathan
  4. Data Recovery / Consistency with CheckDB - by Vinod Kumar M
  5. Developing with SQL Server Spatial and Deep dive into Spatial Indexing - by Pinal Dave
  • Developing Data-tier Applications in Visual Studio 2010 - by Sanjay Nagamangalam

This was one of the superb sessions i have attended. He explained all the concepts in detail with a demo.
The important thing in this is there is something called Data-Tier application project which is newly introduced in this VS2010 with which we can manage all our data along with our application inside our VS itself. We can create DB,Tables,Procs,Views etc. here itself and once we deploy it creates a compressed file called .dacpac which stores all the changes in Table Schema,Created procs, etc. on to that single file which reduces our (developer's) effort in preparing the deployment scripts and giving it to the DBA. It also has some policy configurations which can be managed easily by checking some rules like in outlook. For Ex : IF the SQL Server Version > 10 then deploy else dont. This rule specifies that even if we try to deploy on SQL Server DB with version less than 10 It will not do it. And if we deploy some .dacpac to SQL server production db with the option upgrade DB with this dacpac once everything completes successfully it will say success else it rollsback to the prior version. Even if it gets deployed successfully and later @ a point of time you wish to revert it back to the prior version, you can go ahead and delete the existing dacpac version so that it reverts to the older version of the db changes. And for the good questions that were asked in the session T-Shirts were given.

  • SQL Server Query Optimization, Execution and Debugging Query Performance - by Vinod Kumar M

This one too was the best session. The speaker Vinod explained everything very much clearly. This was really useful session and you dont believe, as per my knowledge, in the total 3 days in the TechEd except the Keynote, for this session seats were full (House FULL)  People were even standing out to attend this session. Such a great one it was. The speaker did a deep dive in to the Query Plan section and showed which actually causes the problem. Its all about the thing that we need to understand about the execution of SQL server Queries. We think in a way and SQL Server never executes in that way. We need to understand that first. He also told about there might be two plans generated for a single query at a point of time because of parallel processors in the system. The Key is here in every query. There is something called Estimated Row Count and Actual Row Count in the query plan. If the estimated row count by SQL server tallies with the actual row count your performance will be awesome. He said some tweaks to achieve the same.

After this as usual we had lunch

  • SQL Server Utility - Its about more than 1 SQL Server - by Vinod Kumar Jagannathan

This was more of a DBA's session. Am really sorry I was totally blank and I was not interested to attend this session and walked out to attend Migrating to the cloud by Harish Ranganathan (My favorite Speaker)

but unfortunately that was some other persons session. There the speaker was telling about how to configure the connection strings in such a way that we can connect to the SQL Azure platform from our VS and also showed us how to deploy the same in to Windows Azure. In between there were lot of technical problems like laptop hang, user locked and he was switching between systems, also i came in the half so i wasnt able to listen that fully.

In between, Since I got an MCTS certification they gave me T-Shirt with the lines 'Iam Certified. Are you?' and they asked me to wear that. If we wear that we might get spotted and they would give us some goodies  So on the 3rd day I was wearing that T-Shirt. I got spotted by the person Tarun who was coordinating things about the certification, and he was accompanied with a cameraman and they interviewed me about the certification and I was shown live in the Teched and was seen by 60000 live viewers of the TechEd. I was really happy on that.

  • Data Recovery / Consistency with CheckDB - by Vinod Kumar M

This was one of the best sessions too in the TechEd. This guy is really amazing. In front of us he crashed a DB and showed how to recover the same in 6 different ways for different no of failures.

Showed about

Different types of error msgs like : 823,824,825
DBCC CheckDB (different parameters to it)

I am really waiting for his session to get uploaded live in the Teched Website.

Here is his contact info If you wish to connect to him :

Twitter : @vinodk_sql

Website :

Blog :

  • Developing with SQL Server Spatial and Deep dive into Spatial Indexing - by Pinal Dave

Pinal Dave is a King in SQL and he is a SQL MVP and he is the owner of

He took the session on Spatial Databases from the start. Showed about the different types of Spatial :

Geometric and Geographic

Geometric : x and y axis its a planar surface

Geographic : Spherical surface with 360 as the maximum which is used to represent the geographic points on the earth and easy to draw maps of different kinds.

He had a lot of obstacles during his session like rain coming inside the hall, mic wires got bursted due to rain, Videos off on the display screens. In spite of that he asked the audience to come in the front rows and managed to take a good session without ppts and finally we got the displays on and he was showing demos on the same what he explained orally. That was really a fun filled informative session. He gave some books for the persons who asked good questions and answered well for his questions and I got one too  (It was a book on Data Mining - Wrox Publishers)

And finally after all these things there was Keynote session for close of the TechEd. and we all assembled in a big hall where Mr.Ashok Soota, a man of age around 70  co-founder of Mindtree was called to give some lecture on his successes.

He was explaining about his past and what all companies he switched and for what reasons and what are all his successes and what are all his failures and the learnings of him from his past failures. and his success and failures on his partnerships with the other concern. And there were some questions for him like

  • What is your suggestion on young entrepreneur?
  • How did you learn from past failures?
  • What is reiterating your success?
  • What is your suggestion on partnerships?
  • How to choose partnerships? etc.

And they said @ 7.30 Pm there would be a party night, but unfortunately i was not able to attend that because I had to catch my train and before that i had to pack things, so I started @ 7 itself.

Thats it about the TechED!!! Stay tuned for further Technology updates.

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