Does printf have side effects?

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I have an array of the following strcuture

struct T_info
    char capitale[255];
    char pays[255];
    char commentaire[255];

struct T_info *tableau;

Then when I populate the array and call printf allone on each element it works fine

strcpy(tab[line].capitale, buffer); 
strcpy(tab[line].pays, buffer);
strcpy(tab[line].commentaire, buffer);  

printf("%s\n", tab[line].capitale);
printf("%s\n", tab[line].pays);
printf("%s\n", tab[line].commentaire);

but if I call,

printf("%s, %s, %s", tab[line].capitale, tab[line].pays, tab[line].commentaires)

I get wrong resutts, is printf changing its parameters or what is going on?

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