Serialization of Queue type- Serialization not working; C#

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Hi All,

Consider this piece of code:

private Queue Date=new Queue();
//other declarations
public DateTime _Date { 
 get { return (DateTime)Date.Peek();} 
 set { Date.Enqueue(value); } 
 //other properties and stuff....
 public void UpdatePosition(...) 
           //other code

            IFormatter formatter = new BinaryFormatter();
            Stream Datestream = new MemoryStream();
            formatter.Serialize(Datestream, Date);
            byte[] Datebin = new byte[2048];
            Console.WriteLine(BitConverter.ToString(Datebin, 0, 3));

            //other code

The output of the first writeline is perfect. I.e to check if really the Queue is initialised or not. It is. The right variables are stored and et. all [I inserted a value in that Q, that part of the code is not shown]

But the second writeline is not giving the right expected answer: It serializes the entire Queue to 00-00-00.

Want some serious help! Soham

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