CRM Magazine: Customer-Facing Life Sciences CRM

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Published on Thu, 22 Apr 2010 08:22:25 -0800 Indexed on 2010/04/22 16:44 UTC
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"The Life Sciences Edition, Lye says, is unique in that to-date pharma software has been inward facing. The Oracle pharma solution, however, is a tool that can be used internally for salespeople to assess their effectiveness, but it can also be used in interacting with a physician or whoever the "customer" might be. The solution captures signatures digitally and provides tools for rapid presentation creation.

"That's something I have never heard of before in terms of having the CRM product for the customer view as well as the employee view," Leary says. "When it comes to the area of pharma sales, [sales people] don't have a lot of time in front of doctors .... so this is a way to spend less time in front of the doctor and still be able to get the information and the sentiment and the story across." Read more here about Oracle CRM On Demand, Life Sciences Edition.

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