Hive Based Registry in Flash

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To start with I'll say I've read the post here and I'm still having trouble.

I'm trying to create a CE6 image with a hive-based registry that actually stores results through a reboot.

  • I've ticked the hive settings in the catalog items.
  • In common.reg, I've set the location of the hive ([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\init\BootVars] "SystemHive") to "Hard Drive\Registry" (Note: the flash shows up as a device called "Hard Drive")
  • In common.reg, I've set "Flags"=dword:3 in the same place to get the device manager loaded along with the storage manager
  • I've verified that these settings are wrapped in "; HIVE BOOT SECTION"

This is where it starts to fall over. It all compiles fine, but on the target system, when it boots, I get:

  • A directory, called "Hard Disk" where a registry is put
  • A device, name called "Hard Disk2" where the permanent flash is
  • Any changes made to the registry are lost on a reboot

What am I still missing? Why is the registry not being stored on the flash?

Strangly, if I create a random file/directory in the registry directory, it is still there after a reboot, so even though this directory isn't on the other partition (where I tried to put it), it does appear to be permanent. If it is permanent, why don't registry settings save (ie Ethernet adapter IP addresses?)

I'm not using any specific profiles, so I'm at a loss as to what the last step is to make this hive registry a permanent store.

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