Can't login to SQL Server after moving machine to different office/domain

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Published on 2010-04-25T17:08:48Z Indexed on 2010/04/25 17:13 UTC
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Our company has just been bought and the over the weekend I have brought up the last few machines to plug into their network (they are under a different Windows Domain).

The last machine is our Vault system and the SQL Server was using Windows Authentication.

I have plugged it into their network and its working fine, but i cannot connect to SQL Server with Management Studio and, I fear, no backup jobs will also be working.

When I try to login under Windows Auth, it has the user name of "NEWDOMAIN\Administrator" (greyed out) and then presents a "login failed" message with error code "18456".

Can anyone help me with this, or will I just have to reinstall SQL Server, Vault and restore the backup I took before the move?

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