Checking if a RoutedEvent has any handlers

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I've got a custom Button class, that always performs the same action when it gets clicked (opening a specific window). I'm adding a Click event that can be assigned in the button's XAML, like a regular button.

When it gets clicked, I want to execute the Click event handler if one has been assigned, otherwise I want to execute the default action. The problem is that there's apparently no way to check if any handlers have been added to an event.

I thought a null check on the event would do it:

if (Click == null) 
    RaiseEvent(new RoutedEventArgs(ClickEvent, this));;

...but that doesn't compile. The compiler tells me that I can't do anything other than += or -= to an event outside of the defining class, event though I'm trying to do this check INSIDE the defining class.

I've implemented the correct behavior myself, but it's ugly and verbose and I can't believe there isn't a built-in way to do this. I must be missing something.

Here's the relevant code:

public class MyButtonClass : Control

    public static readonly RoutedEvent ClickEvent =

    public event RoutedEventHandler Click
        add { ClickHandlerCount++; AddHandler(ClickEvent, value); }
        remove { ClickHandlerCount--; RemoveHandler(ClickEvent, value); }

    private int ClickHandlerCount = 0;

    private Boolean ClickHandlerExists
        get { return ClickHandlerCount > 0; }


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