Enum in Hibernate, persisting as an enum

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In my MySQL database, there's the column "gender enum('male','female')"

I've created my enum "com.mydomain.myapp.enums.Gender", and in my Person entity I'm defined "Gender gender".

Now I'd want to keep the enum type in my MySQL database, but when I launch my application I get:

Wrong column type in MyApp.Person for column Gender. Found: enum, expected: integer

Why is this? This would be the equivalent as if I'd annotated my "Gender gender" with "@Enumerated(EnumType.ORDINAL)", which I haven't. EnumType seems only to be able to be either ORDINAL or STRING, so how do I specify that it should treat the field as an enum, not as an int? (not that there's much difference, but enough for it to get upset about it.)

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