Database Vault 11gR2 Certified with Oracle E-Business Suite

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Published on Fri, 30 Apr 2010 10:04:50 -0800 Indexed on 2010/04/30 18:38 UTC
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Oracle Database Vault allows security administrators to protect a database from privileged account access to application data.  Database objects can be placed in protected realms, which can be accessed only if a specific set of conditions are met. 

Oracle Database Vault 11gR2 is now certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i and 12.

DBVault11107-new.pngYou can now enable Database Vault 11gR2 on your existing E-Business Suite Database instance.  If you already have DB Vault 10gR2 or 11gR1 enabled in your E-Business Suite environment, you can now upgrade to the 11gR2 Database.  We also support EBS patching with Database Vault enabled. Our DB Vault realm creation and grants-related scripts have been updated to reduce patching downtimes.

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