VPN being blocked somewhere between either my BT2700HGV and DLink DFL-210

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Published on 2010-04-30T14:56:40Z Indexed on 2010/04/30 15:08 UTC
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For some time I have been unable to get VPN working through my set up. I have a BT2700HGV Router (2 Wire Model) and as a firewall I have the Dlink DFL-210.

You can't turn the firewall completely off on the BT2700HGV so I have it set to DMZplus mode for the Firewall. In theory this should then allow the VPN ports through.

On the Firewall I have a series of rules set up and one is the pptp-allow rule which should allow access on the correct ports also.

When I try to connect via VPN however the client machine gets an error 809. If I check the log on the Dlink firewall, I see this record:


The laptop I am testing the vpn with is connected directly to the BT2700HGV router and I am trying to VPN from it onto

I can't work out whether I have some sort of problem in the set up of the rules on my firewall or if the BT router (even though it's in DMZplus mode) is still blocking port 1723. I read somewhere that there where problems because BTs Openzone held onto this port for some reason.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need further screen shots or information then please let me know. I wasn't able to create new tags for the router and firewall name or insert the picture in as I am new to the forum.

Dom :-)

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