How to store user preferences? Cookie becomes bigger..

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My application (Asp.Net MVC) has great interaction with the user interface (jQuery/js). For example, setting various searches charts, moving the gadgets on the screen and more .. I of course want to keep all data for each user. So that data will be available from any page in the Dumaine and the user will accepts his preferences.

Now I keep all data in a cookie because it did not seem logical asynchronous access to the server each time the user changes something and thet happens a lot.When the user logout from the application I save the cookie to the database.

The problem is the cookie becomes very large. The thought that this huge cookie is attached to each server request makes me feel that my attitude is wrong.

Another problem cookies have size limit. It varies from your browser but I definitely have been close to the border - my cookie easily become 4kb

Is there another solution?

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