Itautec Accelerates Profitable High Tech Customer Service

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Published on Tue, 04 May 2010 08:26:46 -0800 Indexed on 2010/05/04 17:19 UTC
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Itautec is a Brazilian-based global high technology products and services firm with strong performance in the global market of banking and commercial automation, with more than 2,300 global clients. It recently deployed Siebel CRM for sales, customer support, and field service. In the first year of use, Siebel CRM enabled a 30% growth in services revenue. Siebel CRM also reduced support costs.

"Oracle's Siebel CRM has minimized costs and made our customer service more agile," said Adriano Rodrigues da Silva, IT Manager. "Before deployment, 95% of our customer service contacts were made by phone. Siebel CRM made it possible to expand' choices, so that now 55% of our customers contact our helpdesk through the newer communications channels."

Read more here about Itautec's success, and learn more here about how Siebel CRM can help your firm to grow customer service revenues, improve service levels, and reduce costs.

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