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Published on Thu, 06 May 2010 06:51:50 -0800 Indexed on 2010/05/06 15:30 UTC
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How do you to get sales folks to use a CRM system? Ah, the age-old question (well, at least the one that has been around for the past 10-15 years). Of course, some combination of "Carrot and Stick" always come up as possible answers. You hear talk about, "WIFM" or "What's in it For Me?"

Oracle's internal implementation of Customer 360 consolidates all customer information in one place in Siebel CRM and enables the sales rep to present one-face to the customer. Additionally, Customer 360 provides customer intelligence and prospecting tools making it a darn nice "Carrot" for our sales teams to chew on. Check out today's slidecast for an overview.

Click here to learn more about Siebel CRM and other Oracle CRM products and here to learn about customers using Oracle CRM.

Are you enjoying the [email protected] Series? If you have a particular CRM area or function which you'd like to hear how Oracle implemented it internally, let us know and we'll get it on our list.

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