Hyper-V for Developers - presentation from London .NET Users and VBUG Bracknell

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Published on Tue, 18 May 2010 05:41:26 GMT Indexed on 2010/05/18 10:01 UTC
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Thanks to both London .NET User group and VBUG Bracknell for allowing me to present my Hyper-V for Developers talk last week.  A weekend at DDD Scotland followed by two user group presentations means I'm a bit late getting the presentations uploaded to the blog, so many apologies if you've been waiting.

  LDNUG - www.tigernews.co.uk/blog-twickers/LDNUG-HyperV4Devs.zip

  VBUG - www.tigernews.co.uk/blog-twickers/VBUG-HyperV4Devs.zip

Also, at VBUG Bracknell I was asked if you could configure a Hyper-V server to user wireless networking (which might be useful if you have a laptop for demonstrations).  Well here's the post from Ben Armstrong (Virtual PC Guy) which details how that can be configured,


... and it's also detailed on the TechNet wiki as part of running Hyper-V on a laptop,



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